Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye West Hills

Yup I'm getting trasferred!  And I got called as a district leader to a car area, which means I'm either going to Castaic, Chatsworth, Sylmar, and Northridge since those are the district leader car areas in the mission that I know of that are opening up!  I'm totally going to go to Northridge!  That'd be so awesome!  I'll find out tommorrow at transfers.  My last companion Elder Smith is going zone leader and Elder Baughan is going to be training a new missionary.  So yes I'm way excited about transfers!  It'll be sweet!  

Kristopher is going to St. Louis!  That's so cool!  I'm so excited for him!  His mission is probably huge!  Every mission is huge when you compare it to here.  This mission is so small!  I got your package Jessica and Jordan so don't worry about that!  Mom they didn't have the package in the office and I still haven't get the other one you sent.  Kami Church is now Kami Hill!?  Oh my gosh that's crazy!  I'm happy for her though!  Congratualations to the new couple!  The cabin looks so cool Grandpa!  Those polygamists must be working pretty hard!  The shoes that I got from the missionary depot were Dunhams and they are great.  They are in good shape still so you should tell the guy that works there.  

Anyways, this week has good.  The work here is dying down a little bit, but we've been working hard.  We found some new investigators.  The first is named Gary Goodman.  He's in his fifties and is a super chill guy.  He has a sweet Amazon Macaw that he lets just hang out on his porch.  It was there when we knocked on the door and kept saying "hello" to us.  It was pretty funny.  We started to teach a former investigator again named Angelica.  She's really solid and interested in the Book of Mormon because she's part Apache indian.  Marisa is doing well and we're still teaching her the new member lessons.  No less actives or investigators came to church this week.  This coming week should be good for Elder Baughan's trainee because we have a lot of appointments with some solid investigators and people we've found.  I'm sure they'll have a lot of miracles. 
With transfers tomorrow I'm going to be in Valencia from about 9:00 to 3:00.  Transfer meeting is only an hour and a half, but we have to get there 2 hours early for a trainer training and then I have to stay after for district leader training.  Should be fun being district leader.  I'm excited.  I've learned a lot from the district leaders I've been with and hopefully I can implement what I've learned from being with them.  I have to conduct a 90 minute district meeting each week for the district which I'm looking forward to as well.  When I was with Elder Davidson he had me help him prepare and train with him and I learned so much when I did that.  Now I just get to learn more!  Should be good. 
Other than that everything is good!  I'll let yall know where I end up!  I'll have missionaries tell Lindsy and Ryan where I'm at if I don't go to Northridge!  I hope everything is great at home!  Love ya!
Elder Nelson

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