Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fire in Saugus

Yup there was a fire in Saugus this past week up Bouquet canyon.  Nothing happened though.  I think maybe one house burned down up in the canyon, but no one was in it.  There were also two other fires throughout the week.  One was in Newhall which is where President lives.  President and his family had to get evacuated from their house because the fire came so close.  The firemen used there house to set up watch or something.  We had a stake correlation meeting on Wednesday with him and he was showing us all these pictures of the firetrucks in his driveway and the fire and what not.  They got the fire under control so nothing bad happened, but the smoke was all over Santa Clarita.  We were knocking and the ash from the fire just started raining down on us.  It made knocking pretty interesting.  Fire and brimstone are coming!  I don't know much about the other fire, but its all good!  

We did some service way up in the boonies of our area.  it was almost out of the mission.  We got a referal from a member to go up to this lady and help her out.  She's french and has one daughter and lives in a cabin in the mountains.  It's so cool!  We got lost trying to get to her house and we were running through the woods knocking on doors to find her.  Eventually we found her.  It was fun.  We raked up dead grass on her property since it was a fire hazard and the fire department wanted her to clean it up.  We tried to talk to her about the gospel and she told us that she didn't want to hear any of it.  She doesn't beleive in God anymore since her husband passed away 3 years ago.  She told us that her daughter does though and that she would like coming to church.  We came back later in the week and did more service and talked with them both about coming to church and they committed to come either this week or the next.  We talked with them a little about the plan of salvation also and told us that we could come talke to them more about it this week.  They're sweet.

We also taught Denise which was interesting.  We taught her the last part of the plan of salvation in our ward mission leader's home.  It went well for the most part, but she's gotta be looking at anti stuff or something, because she is making super weird paralells with the bible and book of mormon.  Kind of like Joseph Smith wrote it from the bible.  The thing about it all is that she hasn't prayed with an open heart and really tried to seek for the answer.  She's keeping commitments, but her testimony isn't really growing.  She is learning a lot, but she isn't seeing things spiritually.  We've done our best with teaching and guiding her in the right direction and what not.  We're continuing to teach her and guide her, but she needs to really pray and want to know.  Right now, it doesn't really seem like it though, but hopefully she'll come around.

We weren't able to meet with Sandy this week, but she did come to church with her two kids!  They only stayed for Sacrament meeting, but are planning on coming back next week as well!  She is so cool and the ward did amazing at fellowshipping them when they came in.  The 9 year old, Bryce is autistic and has a hard time sitting in one spot for a long time, so sacrament was hard for him, but they told us they liked it.  

Other than that this week we've been knocking a lot and trying to work with members effectively and what not just to find and teach.  A lot of our investigators are dropping of the radar.  The Hindu man that I was excited about told us that he couldn't meet for two weeks.  Our other investigator Sheryl has canceled a lot on us lately, and the one investigator that we are activly teaching has a lot of concerns.  Things are good though and I'm learning a lot from these people.  I'm doing well and things are going super well in the zone for the most part.  I love you all and thank you for everything!

Elder Nelson

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