Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last Transfer!?!

Holy cow I only have one transfer left.  Hopefully I'll stay with my companion for the entirety of this one.  I get my new companion tomorrow at transfer meeting.  I think I know who it is and I'm really excited, but I'll let you know for sure next week. 

It's been quite the week this week.  Covering two wards is stressful!  I was in my own area for only two days this week and we weren't there for the full day because we had appointments in the Solemint ward.  The one appointment in our area that didn't fall through was with Denise.  She is still doing the same. She's not praying.  She didn't come to church this week.  She is almost done with 1Nephi though which is sweet.  I'm not really sure what to do at this point with her.  She's an interesting one and questions absolutely everything before even thinking about it.  Like I said last week, hopefully she comes around, but the feeling that I have right now is that we'll have to drop her soon.  Other than her, we didn't meet with anyone else this week in my area.  In the Solemint ward we weren't able to meet with anyone either unfortunately. 

On Wednesday I had MLC.  The Valencia Zone leaders picked me up and took me there.  It was a cool meeting.  We're trying out a lot of new things in the mission.  We're switching district meeting times, Zone Training meeting times, and transfer meeting times.  We're also going to knock from 4-6 every day NO EXCEPTIONS.  Eeryone was super excited for that.  We call it "knockout."  President told us that he has been inspired to try this out and he feels that it will improve the work tremendously.  We're also focusing on teaching with the pamphlets and by the spirit.  We also talked a lot about obedience with the new mission training plan the President put out.  President asked us if we were ready for the changes and miracles that would take place if we were obedient.  The whole MLC was like, ya we are!  He then told us that from what he had seen so far that the mission wasn't.  I completely agreed.  Our mission has been up and down with obedience, but I really hope that it will improve.  From this meeting me and the STL's formed a plan for ZTM.  ZTM went alright.  Just as we were starting the meeting, a homeless man walked in the building and asked us where a bishop was.  We gave him the phone number of the bishop to call him and he hung around for a while and because of that we weren't able to start on time.  We tried to teach him with the pamphlets in front of everybody for training purposes.  We did something similar in a zone conference last year and it was sweet.  We invited him to  stay, and as we started the meeting, he just walked out.  All in all though the zone seemed to take the changes in the mission well and they really liked the new mission training plan.  All it is is our purpose from PMG, which makes sense.  I trained in ZTM on my own for the first time which was interesting, but it all worked out.  Other than that, I'm excited for next week!  Love you all!

Elder Nelson

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