Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 10, 2015

Trio Time!

Well I'm going to be in another trio starting tomorrow.  This transfer we have eight missionaries that are leaving mid-transfer.  Our new companion is going to be Elder Jacobson.  He's awesome and I love the guy.  He was in this zone last transfer, but got transferred to North Hollywood.  I didn't think the mid transfers would affect us at all, but we got a call from President Henrie on Saturday and he told us the this Elder had turned over a new leaf and was ready to be exactly obedient.  He told us that he sees a lot of potential in him and that he wants me and Elder Peterson to train him to be an effective leader for his next assignment.  I feel good about it and I think that the trio will be awesome!  I'm excited to work with both him and Elder Peterson for these last 2 weeks of my mission.  

It's been weird this last week, just with the way that I've been feeling about going home.  I'm kind of finally starting to realize that I'm actually going home really soon.  We had a missionary homecoming yesterday at church and there were so many people there.  The whole ward keeps talking about me going home in 2 weeks and it just feels weird.  I'm excited/nervous/all of the above.  But don't worry!  I'm not slackin at all haha!  It'll be really weird tomorrow because I get to see a lot of the group I came out with go home for mid transfers.  I just love being a missionary and I guess it's kinda hard to think that I'm going home soon.  So I guess the solution is not think about it at all!  Well that's kinda hard though, because everybody keeps talking to you about it. . .  see my dilemma here?  It's all good though!  

This past week not to much happened investigator wise unfortunately.  We did have a sweet lesson with Maria on the Plan of Salvation.  She still won't commit to baptism.  She hasn't read yet or prayed yet, but she really wants too.  We've been trying to follow up with her, but haven't been able to contact.  She is awesome, but she is starting work again this week and told us that she works a ton and that she's super busy.  Hopefully we'll be able to stay in contact and see some progress with her.  Other than that we picked up a new investigator on Friday named Mark.  Woohoo!

Wednesday we had MLC which was kind of weird.  It felt unorganized and there wasn't a lot of concrete topics that we were told to train on.  We talked a lot about teaching by the spirit, but it was kinda like we were just told to go train our zones on a couple of things and that's it.  It was good nonetheless though.  Our ZTM on Friday went well also.  Other than that we've been knocking a lot as usual.  We're trying to follow up with a lot of the potential investigators we've been finding, but most of them we can't get in contact with or their not interested at all.  Everything else is going good though.  Our zone hit all of their goals this past month and the zone is happy!  Yay!  I love you all!  Thanks for everything!

Elder Nelson

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