Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 9, 2013

Just talked to Josh on the phone from the Salt Lake airport.  He took front runner there with many other missionaries.  His flight leaves at 11:25 and he arrives in Burbank at 12:27 California time--only fifteen minutes away from Lindsy.  He sounds better than ever and said that he felt great and was excited to get out there in the field.  He said leaving the MTC was a little sad because he has really loved it there this past week.  He was able to give a blessing to one of the sisters before she left--most of the sisters asked for blessings-- and said it was a good experience.  He said he loved TRC, which is teaching live people in the MTC.  They are either converts or investigators, but the missionaries don't know if they are role playing or not.  Josh doesn't think his were.  One was an investigator and one was less active.  After Josh and his companion taught, the investigator agreed to be baptized and the investigator agreed to go back to church!  He even wanted Josh and his companion's e-mail addresses so that he could write them on their missions.  Josh said he wished he could have done more TRC training.  He has loved his companion, Elder Forsyth.  We got to talk with him as well for a few minutes.  He said that he loves Josh and that he will be an awesome missionary.  He sounds like a great guy, but we were anxious to get Josh back on the phone.  Josh said that he has really loved his district and will miss those that are going on to San Francisco.  There are 50 new missionaries arriving in the San Fernando Mission today.  The Mission President and his wife spoke in Lindsy and Ryan's Stake Conference yesterday and announced that.  How fun for Lin to realize that one of them will be her brother!  She signed up for meals just in case he gets assigned to her area.  Josh loved learning more about the gospel in the MTC.  He said that their first teaching practice with one of their teachers was horrible because they didn't know what they were doing, but things got much better and he and his companion were able to teach in sync pretty well.  Yet another tender mercy from the Lord--a son that now feels a little more confident in his abilities to teach the gospel that he loves so much.  Talking with him made me realize that I need to do a better job at being a missionary and helping the missionaries in my area.

Love my son!  Write to him when you get a chance!

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