Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 6, 2014


Hey another good week has gone by!  Last Monday night was super awesome!  We've started trying to work with less-actives more and we were going through the ward list to see who to visit.  We came across a name Nathan Nannie.  We decided to visit him and he invited us in and introduced us to his non-member wife Anamaria from Columbia.  We ended up teaching them the restoration and she was super open to everything we had to say.  It was awesome.  We're teaching them again tonight and hopefully they come to church next week.  We haven't been able to teach the Palomino's for about a month now and they haven't been coming to church.  Next lesson we have with them we will probably be dropping them.  I hope not, but the whole time I have been teaching them they haven't been keeping their commitments.  We'll see what happens.  We did a lot of finding this week as usual.  We ended up getting three new investigators which is good, especially for Valencia.  On Friday we went on an exchange with the assistants, Elder Wright and Elder Schick because they are in our district.  I went into the Assistants area with Elder Schick.  He is from Riverton and has been out for 16 months I think.  I love going on exchanges with the assistants because I always learn so much from them.  Elder Schick and I found a new investigator and we got some really solid potentials.  We were walking around in this apartment complex talking to people and visiting some potential and former investigators when we met this lady named Ashley.  She had her dog with her and we went up and talked to her.  We talked to her about prayer and she just opened up to us.  It was crazy.  She just started telling us all the problems that she has in her life right now.  She is super attatched to her dog "Georgia" who is super sick.  She has a boyfriend named Ed who Elder Wright and Schick have talked to before.  She wouldn't stop talking for like 20 minutes and she just broke down crying.  We said a prayer with her to be comforted and she said she felt a ton better after that.  She set up an appointment with us for Tuesday.  It was cool.  She was solid and I hope that the appointment doesn't fall through.  We ended up getting a couple other potentials throughout the day.  At one point we were walking around a different complex.  While we were walking around, we saw this big black guy riding up to us on this super small glittery pink scooter with streamers.  Turns out the guy was Damien, one of the Assistants investigators.  It was hilarious.  We were supposed to teach him and his girlfriend Saturday morning, but they canceled.  Anyways, it was a good exchange.  The Assistants also have a racquetball court in their complex, so we played racquetball for exercise in the morning too. It was great!  Elder Davidson and Elder Wright did some crazy work in our area!  They found 2 new investigators and got to teach Chad, Selvin lucy and Laura, and Janice!  I kind of wish I could have stayed in my own area.  Elder Wright said the lesson with Selvin and his family was the most spiritual and legit Plan of Salvation lesson of his mission.  They asked Lucy to be baptized on February 8th and she just broke down crying.  She told them that she wants to, but that she has to pray about it first!  I was so happy to hear that!  I just hope I don't get transferred next week because I want to see that whole family get baptized.  They are solid!  Things with Chad are kind of going downhill a little bit.  Elder Wright and Davidson taught him Saturday morning and he told them that he doesn't really want to quit smoking and chewing tobacco anymore.  They reviewed the restoration with him because he's already been taught everything.  He's reading the Bof M, but hasn't been coming to church.  They moved his baptismal date back.  I really hope he's not losing the desire he once had.  Desire is everything.  The 2 new investigators they found were from knocking.  They were two 16 and 17 year old kids.  They told them that they would come to church, but they didn't show.  Anyways, I don't have much more time, but we did meet a crazy lady this week.  Elder Wright and Davidson got a referral from a member on Friday.  Elder Davidson and I tried to make contact on Saturday.  The referral was for an Emily Bible.  We knocked on the door and this lady answers.  She talked to us for 20 minutes about how the Holy Ghost is a woman.  She reffered to the spirit as "her" and she kept asking us, "do you know about her."  She went on and on about how Christ was literally married to Israel and she showed us pictures of vision that she had of Christ in this book (It was a scrap book) that "she" was having her write.  It was a picture of a guy in the ocean and the back of a half naked man.  After 20 minutes had gone by, her dog ran out of the house and she ran down the street chasing after it.  We just ran off back to our car and had a good laugh.  It turns out the referral is solid though.  The Copper hill elders know her and she is best friends and has been to church with a family in their ward.  We're going to try and work with them on teaching her.  So ya this week was great!  I'm glad to hear that all is well at home!  I love you all!
Elder Nelson

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