Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teaching a Hindu

Well, another good week's gone by!  It was so good!  Last Monday night we taught Anamarie Nannie and her husband Nathan.  We taught the restoration and committed her to baptism!  It was awesome!  There is one hold up though.  They are going to Columbia next week to visit her family for a month and a half, so we couldn't pick a date yet.  We're going to work it out tonight.  I'm willing to bet that they'll get in touch with the missionaries in Columbia and the whole family will get baptized!  I'd be ok with that!  Tuesday I went on an exchange with Elder Coles in the Copper hill ward.  He's from Georgia.  We had district meeting that morning and I gave part of the training.  Since Elder Davidson used to be a zone leader, he hates giving trainings by himself, so he's been having me train with him every district meeting.  It's been a lot of fun and I've learned so much from preparing trainings with him.  I think we work pretty well together.  We have district meeting every Tuesday morning, (Wednesday morning on transfer week) and I love it.  I get so much out of it!  After district meeting we spent 3 hours in urgent care because Elder Coles wiped out on his bike on Monday.  He landed on his elbow and wasn't able to move his arm, and he didn't end up calling the medical people until after district meeting.  They told him to go to urgent care.  Turns out he fractured his radial head so he's in a sling now.  Since he can't ride a bike, we walked all day.  The other Elders had a ton of miracles happen in the area while I was gone!  Everything always happens when I'm gone!  They taught Selvin, Lucy, Laura, and Jose Ramirez.  Yep, the grandpa finally joined a lesson.  He told them that he's noticed a change in Selvin and Lucy and Laura.  He's also been reading the Book of Mormon with them and he said that once Lucy gets baptized that he will probably also.  I was so mad I couldn't be there!  We went on another exchange on Wednesday, and this time I got to stay in the area.  Elder Sung came with me and we found a new investigator named Claudia!  She was a potential Elder Davidson and I found last week.  We taught her the restoration and it went pretty well.  She told us that everything made sense and that she would come to church on the 19th.  Solid.  Thursday we did weekly planning and worked all day trying to find people to teach.  Friday we taught the Ramirez family the Word of Wisdom.  The Spanish elders have been going over there weekly for the past 2 or three weeks, and they went over on Thursday and taught the Word of Wisdom as well.  Before we started teaching, the family told us that they decided that they would go to our ward from now on because they wanted to go as a family.  They felt bad about dropping the Spanish Elders, but I was so happy!  Now we can baptize the whole family Mwahahaha! I really did feel a little bit bad for the Spanish elders though.  But I'm so excited!  We retaught them the Word of Wisdom and they all have a problem with coffee except for Selvin.  They've set goals to quit.  Lucy also told us that she had been praying about her baptismal date for February 8th.  She told us she wants to be baptized!  Woooooooooo!  So awesome! Saturday was full of contacting potential investigators.  None of them were really solid, but we did teach this Hindu guy and it was the weirdest thing ever!  His name was Sid and we tracted into him about 3 weeks ago.  We stopped by Saturday night and his wife, Ashrini, let us in.  She sat us down on the couch and gave us some delicious pie.  She then went into the kitchen and had us wait on the couch for about 20 minutes.  Sid finally showed up and we got to know him and tried to teach him.  We taught him about the Book of Mormon and about the Plan of Salvation.  After every statement that we said, he would compare it with Hinduism and tell us what Hindu's believe.  It was interestingly weird.  He told us about evolution and how Noah had a boat that was pulled by a fish and what not.  He ended up giving us a Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu bible.  It was interesting and when we invited him to church and said a prayer with him, he invited us to come to his temple in Northridge.  Anyways, it was interesting.  Sunday was amazing!!! We had 5 investigators at church and the whole Ramirez family showed up.  They brought Selvin's little brothers as well.  Chris is 13 and James is 9.  Hopefully they sit in on our lessons this week.  The Nannies came to church too.  It was awesome!  They loved it and Jose stayed for all three hours!  It was crazy!  Church is stressful when you have investigators come.  The sisters had their investigators come too!  We had 9 nomembers at church this week.  Another highlight of this week was when we knocked into this guy named Harold Hicks.  He's this 81 year old guy who told us he loves history.  We told him that we loved history too and he asked us if we had a couple minutes.  We told him we did and he said meet me in my garage.  He opened his garage and it was filled with old guns, swords, pictures, and history stuff up the wazoo.  He gave us a tour of his garage and come to find out, he's a drummer!  We both connected with him so well because my comp. loves guns and I love drums.  It was awesome.  He was interested in family history and we told him about the church and family history and such.  it was really cool.  His garage probably had well over $100,000 worth of historic artifacts and guns.  Chad our investigator with a baptismal date seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth.  We haven't been able to get in contact with him at all, and we've tried by his house every day.  He won't answer the door or the phone.  Hopefully we get in contact with him this week or we'll probably drop him.  We haven't been able to get in contact with the Palomino's either, and we haven't taught them for almost a month.  If we don't teach them this week, we will probably end up dropping them as well.  All well.  The work is moving forward in the Seco Canyon Ward!  Also we went without a phone this week until Friday.  It was interesting haha, but we got by.  Our phone broke on Monday morning and the mission office didn't have a replacement so they had to order a new one.  Oh ya I almost forgot! If you haven't figured it out yet I'm not getting transferred!  I'm staying!  Yaaaay!  Now I get to see Selvin and Lucy get baptized, and hopefully the rest of the family!  Well those were the highlights from this week!  It was a great week and we're going to start baptizing soon!  I love you all and I love hearing from you!  Keep writing!
Elder Nelson    

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