Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 10, 2014

Long Driveways

So hey well here's another letter!
This week was interesting.  It was looooong!  Probably because we weren't able to do much teaching this week.  We haven't been able to teach anybody except for the Ramirez family this week.  All of our investigators besides the Ramirez family have been dropped this week since we haven't really been able to actually teach them.  It's kind of sad, but it's ok.  They're all amazing people and they'll come around one day.  We taught the Ramirez family Tuesday night and we basically just held a family council talking about baptism and when everyone wants to get baptized.  Lucy and Jose decided to get baptized on Feb. 22nd and originally they were the only two who wanted to commit to a date.  The last lesson we taught them, we left them with a committment to pray about baptism as a family, but they didn't.  They had all prayed about baptism individually.  We asked how James, the 9 year old felt about it and he said he felt good and that he had been praying about it.  We asked him if he would commit to a date and he told us he would, but that he wouldn't do it on the same day as Jose and Lucy because he wants to do it alone.  It was pretty funny.  He said he was thinking sometime in march, so we committed him to March 8th.  As for Chris and Laura, they told us they want to be baptized, but that they will wait until Summer.  They're all such a golden family.  I love it and I'm so grateful that I've been able to teach them.  They're progressing so well!
Tuesday morning, we went to Pep boys to change our battery in our car.  We had to get jumped twice on Monday.  We also had to get jumped in the pep boys parking lot just to drive it around back.  It was funny.  The pep boys mechanic people ended up calling Elder Phillips our car coordinator person and asked if he wanted them to fix up everything, and he said yes, so we were at pep boys for 5 hours that day.  We got new tires, oil change, battery etc.  It was so long!  Afterwards we went to the mission office, and gave Elder Phillips the receipt.  In return he gave us a brand new car!  For reals this thing was brand spanking new!  He drove it off the lot that morning I'm pretty sure!  It was a 2014 Ford Fusion!  It's so nice and is the newest car I've ever driven.  It only had 40 miles on it.  It's honestly scary to drive because its so new!  New car smell and everything!  It is beautiful!  I gotta say though, it was sad saying goodbye to good old Vivian the Vibe (The old car). 
Wednesday was full of knocking and knocking and more knocking.  We knocked on a couple doors in our complex and we were walking on the street of the complex when one of the people that works in the office drove up to us on a golf cart and asked us if we'd seen any salesman knocking in the complex.  Even though we were pretty sure we were the "salesman" we told her no.  We then went and knocked somewhere else.  Well from that we can deduce that you have to be sneaky when you decide to knock in the complex you live in.  You don't want to get kicked out of the complex you live in!  Anyways, lesson learned.  My stealth ninja knocking skills must be developed more before we knock in our complex again.  We found a couple potentials on Wednesday also, so that was good.  We've dropped most of them already though which is sad, but its ok because we're just going to find more more solid people instead!   
Thrusday was filled with weekly planning and a really cool story!  So a couple days ago we got a refferal from the Korean Sisters.  They live in the same complex as we do and they knocked out their building.  They gave us a potential (Who we haven't been able to contact yet) and a less-active they knocked into named Eddy.  The ward doesn't have any records indicating that an Eddy lived there, but we went by Thursday night.  He invited us in and basically told us his whole life story.  He is so cool!  He's in his 40's I think and hasn't been to chruch in like 3 years.  He was divorced three years ago and disfellowshipped a little bit after that.  Anyways, I could go on and on about his life, but he told us that he has been going through a real hard time in his life and that he'd prayed for strength to get him through and the next morning after he prayed, the Korean sisters knocked on his door!  So cool!  He told us that he didn't know whether to take it as an answer or not, but either way, its so cool!  We're going to be stopping by this week.  He told us he still has a testimony and everything, but that he just stopped going to church.  Anyways he's awesome and we're going to help him.
Friday we had zone training meeting for 3 hours which was great.  After the meeting we went on exchanges with the Copper Hill Elders.  I went with Elder Holdaway into his area which was a lot of fun!  It's a bike area and I love biking instead of driving around in a car!  It's way more fun!  We did a lot of knocking and we also helped this family  chase their dog off of a mountain.  It was funny.  All of the kids were crying because the dog had ran away off into this mountain, so we chased after it and herded it back towards them so they could pick it up.  Once they got their dog back they thanked us and the kids asked us, "Who are you guys?"  We responded with a resounding, "were the missionaries!"  We set up a time to come back and teach them this week.  It was funny and a lot of fun. 
Saturday was unusually slow after we exchanged back.  It was looooong.  We had a couple of appointments, but they all fell through.
Sunday the Ramirez family came to church as usual.  The rest of the Sunday we tried to visit some potentials and former investigators with no luck.  We also knocked a little bit.  My comp let me choose the last house to knock before we went home for the night, and there was this house with a long driveway on the street we were on and I told him we should knock that one.  He told me that the last house we knocked with a long driveway yelled at us, so I responded with "it's fun to get yelled at!"  We ended up knocking on the door and this latino guy answered the door and started yelling "Respect me!  You don't try to convert me, and I don't try to convert you!"  We were then like "Is there anything we can do for you?"  He responds with "Respect me!"  It was hilarious!  I guess walking up peoples long driveways makes them mad.  All well!  The ways we get rejected are so interesting sometimes haha! 
Well thats all folks!  Until next week!  I love you all!
Elder Nelson

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