Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Not Getting Transferred

Well there you have it.  I'm staying in West Hills for at least one more transfer.  I'm getting a new companion though which is sad.  Elder Smith has been awesome.  I think I'll be getting a harder companion this coming transfer because all of my companions have just been great!  I don't find out till tomorrow at transfer meeting. 
This week was another interesting week.  We weren't able to teach Marisa this week, but she had a huge miracle!  All week she felt like she had to go to this womens conference for our stake.  She knew that she had to go and was kind of freaking out because she didn't have a ride.  We got her a ride and she loved the conference.  We weren't there obviously, but the ASL Sisters were.  After the conference, marisa started to ask them about baptism.  The sisters talked to her about it and asked bishop to open the baptismal font to show Marisa.  By the time they were done showing her the font, marisa told them that she wants to be baptized!  So amazing!  She's been reading and praying and coming to church now for a couple weeks and she got her answer that this is true and that this is what God wants for her and her son Isaiah!  We went over to her apartment to talk to her Saturday afternoon.  She answered the door and she told us that she talked to the bishop about baptism.  She was super casual about it.  She only got like an hour of sleep the night before so it was understandable.  She was so excited at church yesterday though!  She found out that Elder Smith was being transferred and she asked us if she could get baptized today before he left.  We explained to her that it would be possible, but that it's not the best idea.  She agreed and we're going to set a baptismal date with her and Isaiah tonight!  They are so amazing!  We still have to teach Isaiah all the lessons, but we're probably going to set the date for next weekend, because she wants to be baptized as soon as possible.  She also needs to be interviewed by president for baptism because she told us about her life in New York and about growing up in the projects and such.  It's going to be awesome though!  Her prayers have been answered!  The ward is working so well with her too!  She's made so many friends and she loves the people.  They love her too!  It's so cool to see the spirit work in people! 
So that Marisa was the major miracle of the week.  We had a zone conference on Tuesday which was awesome!  I learned a ton!  on Wednesday, we had Marvin Perkins teach us about blacks and the Priesthood.  He's an expert on the doctrine of the priesthood and black people being in the scriptures and what not.  It was pretty cool, but some of his views were not the best.  I learned a lot though.  He gives firesides all around the world and does a lot of things for the church.  He's part of the black fellowshipping group for the church called Genesis.  It's interesting.  Jane Choy might be able to come to church this week!  She's going to go to downtown LA to renew her Access Card (Non-emergency medical transport) on Wednesday.  Hopefully she gets approved.  If she does, she'll be able to come to church and be baptized!  The rest of the week was a pretty frustrating, as always, but that's missionary work for ya.  Especially in West Hills!  Good things are happening and hopefully I get another good companion tomorrow!  
Love ya!
Elder Nelson 

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