Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Week Before Transfers!

Oh my gosh this transfers gone by so fast!  This is week 6 of the transfer!  I find out if I get transferred on Saturday so stay tuned next week for what happens!  I think I'll probably stay one more transfer with Elder Baughan.  We're doing pretty well together and I'm learning so much from being with him!  It's great! 
It sounds like everythings hoppin at home with the counsins camp, the Kings working on the garage, Tya having her baby, Cindy having her baby... There's so many babies!  Tell them all that their cousin says hello from Sunny California!  I can't believe Austin is already home from his mission!  That's crazy!  I'm getting old!  I've been out for how long.... almost 10 months!  Holy. .. wow, sorry I just had a freak out session.  Anyways, it sounds like he gave a great talk and had a great mission!  Its sad to hear about the BMW.  I loved that car, but I would have thought it unfair if Emily got to drive during her high school years.  She needs a geo and a mini-van!  That will most definatly ensure popularity among all the cool kids in school.
This week in West Hills (The village), was Purdy good.  We've been doing a lot of finding, but its been fun.  I love finding.   You find!  I'm not saying we don't have anyone to teach, but are teaching pool is at a low right now and has been this whole transfer, so we've been finding a lot.  That's what I've been doing my whole mission it feels like is finding.  If you don't like it you'll be miserable, and I don't want to be miserable, so I like it.  I really do.  I've had some fun times knocking and street contacting.  Granted finding does get old sometimes after doing it for weeks on end, but that's why you gotta try new things with people and ultimately listen to the spirit!  Its so easy to fall into a rut of saying the same thing, but every person is different and is in a different situation, so it would only make sense if you teach every person something different according to their situations.  One of my favorite scriptures is D&C 84:85.  (I think that's the reference.)  Read it!
anyways enough of my ranting.  My week was good.  We taught Marissa the Plan of Salvation at a members house and it went pretty well.  She has a strong testimony of the Savior and is always baffled about how he can forgive everyone.  She is awesome.  We walked with her and Isaiah home from the members house and Isaiah asked me if he could talk to me about God.  he didn't want anyone else to hear, so we walked a little bit infront of mariss and my companion.  he asked me if god was is father and many questions about baptism and how God is with us.  I taught him about the Holy Ghost, repentance, and baptism... a lot of other stuff, but basically lesson 3 in Preach my gospel.  he's so cool and would totally be baptized if we could get custody.  There really isn't a custody battle, we just have to make sure marissa has full custody before we teach him.  She has to go to court and get an attorney and the bishop is helping her, but unfortunately, its going slow.  He's identified an attorney, but hasn't made any calls or anything, but it should happen this week hopefully.  We also taught mellissa 2 times and we're going to the temple visitors center with her tomorrow!  It's going to be awesome!  We can go to the visitors center with an investigator once a transfer and this my first time ever going with an investigator.  We called the Sisters there and coordinated what we're going to do and its going to be So amazing!  Melissa's main issue is still priesthood and that there is only one true church.  She's been reading though and she's going to invite her mom to come tomorrow as well.  Wednesday we're going to the temple again as a mission so this week is going to be temple week for us!  I'm so excited! I love the temple!  We also found 2 new investigators this week.  One is named Collins. he is from Nigeria and has ran into missionaries all his life.  He is Methodist and works a ton, but we committed to be baptized if he found out this was true!  It was a good lesson and he really understood the restoration well.  he has a family and wants the best for them.  We also taught George.  He and his wife are from the Phillipines.  he speaks illikano and there is a bit of a language barrier, but he was super nice and believes that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ.  We're going to try to meet with him tonight.  Other than that, we've just been finding.  Talking to crazy people is always fun, but talking to people who are prepared to hear the gospel is the best!  If you're out working as hard as you can doing everything you do, the Lord will place people in your path who are prepared to receive this gospel.  I have really gained a testimony of that.  So ya. Things are good.  We're working.    I'll let yall know what happens with transfers!
Elder Nelson 

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