Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, July 6, 2014

6 More Weeks . . . . .

Well, it looks like I'm staying in West Hills for another 6 weeks.  By the time next transfer rolls around, I'll have been here for six months.  Again.  By the way, Dad, the Northridge sisters are not in my district.  They're in another zone. I did serve with one of the sisters there right now when I was up in Seco Canyon.  Sister Marsh.  Ryan and Lindsy are going to get to know her very well with their new calling!  I honestly wanted to leave this transfer, but now that the transfer call has come, I feel good about staying one more.  I know I still have something I have to do and learn in this area.  This ward and area, like I said in previous emails, wears on you and its probably one of the hardest wards to work with.  Sacrament meeting feels like its more of a branch that meets rather than a ward.  There are a lot of things that are being done wrong within the ward that we have no control over and its just hard to work with.

The work here is slowing down a little bit.  We only found one new investigator this week whom we have not been able to get in contact with.  His name was Alfredo and we found him street contacting.  he was sitting outside his apartment smoking.  He's in his 20's and is latino.  He was nice and told us that he wanted to find more purpose in life and we taught him.  It was good.  Other than that we've been knocking and street contacting.  We went to the temple visitors center with Melissa on Tuesday.  It wasn't the best.  She is so closed off to accepting anything anymore and is always just like, "that's interesting" and leaves it at that.  She's hardening her heart more and more and its sad to see.  The night before we went to the temple with her, we read the Book of Mormon with her.  We read Mosiah 18 and talked about baptism and its importance, but then she started to argue with us that all you need to do is believe in Christ to be saved.  That's her big thing if I haven't told you before.  All you have to do is believe o be saved.  No baptism required.  We showed her a verse in the bible talking about baptism, and she disregarded it and kept going on about just believing in Christ.  Its sad.  She's hardened her heart so much.  We have a lesson with her tonight and we're probably going to drop her.  At the temple we talked a lot about priesthood and the restoration, but she still won't accept it and just went off about just believing in Christ again.  The tour was good though.  I liked it and I'm definatly bringing more investigators up there.  
We got to go to the temple again on Wednesday with half the mission which was awesome! Just the Korean/ASL/English missionaries were there but it was great.  So many missionaries and good friends from around the mission were there and we got to do an ASL session.  It was cool.  There are a lot of missionaries going home in the next 2 transfers so I was glad I got to say bye to people I knew.  My old companion Elder Davidson is going home next transfer.  Anyways, all in all the temple was great.  The rest of the week was good too even though its been hard for my companion.  We're still working and making things happen.  It sounds like good things are happening at home and that you guys are having a good time!  Until next week!
Elder Nelson    

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