Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well this area is wearing on me.  I love it, but lets just say that I'll be happy when this transfer is through.  I've been here a long time and I'm ready to go.  Its not stopping the work though!  Not one bit!  We found some pretty cool new investigators this week.  One of them was named Mike.  He's 17 and we found him street contacting.  The other is named George. He's somewhere in his 30's and we had a great lesson with him.  I found him on exchanges with Elder Ehninger.  It was good to be teaching with my trainer again.  We taught really well together and the spirit was strong when we taught.  We went on exchanges this past Friday and I really needed it just to get out and work hard.  We had a good time.  We talked to a lot of crazy people (They're everywhere!) which was fun and we met this family of Sikhs!  It was so cool!  We were just walking down the street and some guy wearing a turbin calls out to us from his house.   He told us he wanted us to talk to his kids about what we do.  He called his family outside and he set up chairs for us and they just bombarded us with questions about why we were here on the mission, what we believe in and what we do etc.  The father told us that the kids go to a school owned by a Mormon in Orange County and that they know a lot about Mormons and have been to a lot of church history sights.  They weren't interested in being taught or anything, only asking questions.  They told us about what they believe and do as Sikhs.  They don't cut their hair ever and all the men have to where turbins.  it was interesting!  I've only talked to one other Sikh on my mission.  That's the cool thing about this mission.  There is so much diversity!  I've talked to so many people from all over the world of so many different faiths.  Armenians, Persians, Russians, Hindu's, Sikhs, Vietnamese, Koreans, Syrians, Iranians, you name it!  Its sweet. 
Anyways, we had a lot of less actives come to church this week!  It was great!  Most of them stayed just for Sacrament though, but hey its a start.  We had a frustrating time trying to get one of our investigators to church though.  We told her that we were going to provide transportation for her and we rode with the member to pick her up.  We pulled up to her apartment complex at about 9:10 and told her we were outside.  She said she'd come down.  We ended up waiting for 20 minutes and we called her twice and she never picked up again, so we just left.  Church starts at 9:30, so we were already late.  We got halfway to church and she called us and asked us where we were.  So frustrating!  We had to tell her we just left because she didn't come down in time.  We were super late to church and barely even caught the sacrament.  Its all good though. 
We taught the Indian Malayalam speaking family again.  It was an interesting lesson.  We found out why the other missionaries stopped meeting with Josie and the family.  Its because they can't be baptized because their family won't let them.  it took a while to get that out of the mom since she can't speak English very well, but it happened.  They had actually started to read the Book of Mormon as a family!  So cool!  They didn't come to church though, but they're doing well and we will continue to teach them even though they can't get baptized.  The kids love us and are always so excited to see us. 
Well those are pretty much the highlights of the week.  Till next time!
Elder Nelson

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