Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 12, 2015

B2 and B3

Man covering two wards is pretty fun!  Burbank 2nd and Burbank 3rd.  It's been a good time with all 3 of us!  Elder Smith and Elder Cumming and I teach pretty well together.  We all came out together and are just having a grand ole' time.  We've seen a ton of miracles this week, especially in Burbank 2nd.  We picked up a new investigator this past Monday from the Burbank 1st sisters.  Turns out Jorge, the investigator actually lives in B2 so we get to teach him!  They have already taught him the first three lessons and he's on date for January 24th.  He's so cool!  We taught him 4 times this week and he's having his baptismal interview this coming Saturday.  He's 18 and he came in contact with the church because his friend Sophie Chamberlain  was falling asleep in Math class and he called her out on it and she told him it was because she's been going to seminary.  He told her it couldn't be that bad and so she challenged him to come.  He went and loved it, so he just kept going and now he's being baptized!  He is so awesome and has been progressing so fast.  He has a testimony and has been reading a coming to church.  He's golden.  He's in a screamo band and sings.  he wears gauges, but is taking them out before the baptism.  He's truly changing his life and I'm so glad that I've been able to be a part of it.  he wants to serve a mission and keep coming to church.  The ward is doing awesome with him and he's made a lot of friends.  It's been a miracle. 
We also were able to start teaching this less active return missionary, Anthony, who is technically in the Spanish ward, but no one has tried to fellowship him for years.  He told us that he wants to start coming back to church and be able to go to the temple again by the end of the year.  he told us he'd like to move his records to our ward once he starts coming back.  We have another appointment with him tomorrow.  We're also going to the temple tomorrow for Elder Smith's birthday with our bishop.  I'm pretty excited for that!
Also in B2 we got a referall from a member in the San Fernando Spanish stake and we're going to be meeting with that referall this week.  We're also going to inherit another new investigator this week named Tennessee that the B1 Elders have been teaching.  He's awesome.  I've met him in church and he has a thick southern drawl and wears a cowboy hat with glasses and has a cane.  He's your typical white southern old man.  He has a baptismal date too and is in our ward boundaries.  He's solid and really wants to be baptized so hopefully we'll have a pass off lesson this week to help him make his date.  He's working on giving up tobacco, so his date is pretty far out. It's for March 28th. 
In our area, B3, we taught Dawn 2 times and both times she just talked our ears off.  It's been kind of frustrating and we're pushing her date back to February 7th.  She thinks she understands everything even before we teach it and she tlaks over the top of us sometimes and shares crazy stories from her past life.  She's reading though and she said a prayer this week to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and she had a dream that he came to her and told her that he was.  She then said that part of her dream she had little demons telling her that he wasn't.  She has interesting dreams.  She came to church for all three hours this week and loved it!  She brought her nephew from Santa Monica and he loved it too.  We're trying to get missionaries to his place in LA.  She is still looking for housing and she has to find somewhere to live in 2 weeks.  We don't really know how to help her with that.  She doesn't know what to do either.  We asked our bishop about it and he told us that there's not really anything that he or we can do.  She will be out of job in 2 weeks too with no place to live and caring for her two nephews.  She needs a miracle. 
We also taught Peter this week and he came to church finally.  he only stayed for Sacrament though.  He's an character and I love him.  Hopefully he'll get married soon so he can get baptized. 
Well there ya have it folks!  Yall sound like you're doing well!
Love ya!
Elder Nelson
Burbank Rose Parade Float

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