Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Miracles and Transfer Week

So I hear your starting up a new tradition mom!  Without me!?  Haha I kid, but that's cool though.  I got the package you sent and I got yours grandma!  Thanks!  This past week was awesome!
We had transfers on Tuesday and had a ton of changes in our zone as you know.  It was a crazy day.  Transfer meeting is usually in the morning, but it got pushed back to the afternoon because the church flew the new missionaries from the MTC to San Francisco instead of San Fernando, so they arrived that morning.  We had to go all around the zone to help missionaries fix their bikes and take them into the shop before transfer meeting actually happened.  While we were helping out some missionaries, we met Kanye West!  He was shopping in the army surplus store next to us and someone came in the sho and told us he was there, so we figured we'd go in and talk to him.  He waved us off and told us that he was super busy and that he could talk later.  It was pretty neat.  Not really actually.  I had no idea what Kanye West actually looked like, but my companion was pretty amazed that we got to meet him.  But ya, that's all I have to say about meeting a world famous rap star. . . it was pretty neat.  The rest of the day we had to drive around getting missionaries luggage and stuff to them.  It was a lot of driving and I drove more that day than I ever have in my mission.  We had to drive from Burbank  up to Santa Clarita 2 times to get everyones stuff.  Made us late to our dinner and our member got super mad, even though we told her we would be late.  Its ok though because they still love us.
Wednesday was filled with good stuff.  We've been knocking a bunch and trying to implement He is The Gift in our contacting.  Most people don't want to watch the video with us, but some will take out there phones and watch it occasionally.  That video is awesome and really opens people up to talk more.  We had some great conversations about the gospel because of it.  We even found 2 new investigators because of it.  Their names are Ruth and Dawn.  Dawn is a caregiver and lives with Ruth who is in her 70's.  We knocked on her door and told her were helping people feel the spirit of Christmas.  She invited us in (She had her 18 year old son present as well) and sat us down and we asked her to pull out her phone and we watched the video with her and Ruth.  After it was done, Dawn told us that yesterday she had been reading the Bible and praying for God to send someone to her to help her in her life.  She recognized that we were an answer to her prayer and that it was like we were her guardian angels.  It was so awesome!  I love being an answer to people's prayers.  We were definatly led there by the spirit and the spirit was present.  We talked to her and ruth and gave them a brief overview of the Restoration and committed them to read the Restoration pamphlet and come to church on Sunday.  They did and Dawn came to church on sunday and loved it so much.  She brought her cousin Carol and she loved it too.  Both of them are from Belize and speak Creole.  She loves it all and was yelling as she walked out the church, "I'm coming next week!  I'm coming for sure!  I'm gonna bring my whole family!"  She felt the spirit hardcore.  It was awesome.  The first counselor in our bishopric served his mission in Belize and lived on the same street Dawns cousin lived on.  It was awesome.  We're continuing to meet with them.  To add the amazingness of Wednesday, we taught an amazing lesson to the Sanchez family using He is the Gift as well.  We went around the room and shared our experiences of how we knew God was there.  Jamie was crying by the end and the spirit was so strong.  Their 9 year old daughter Nomi and 15 year old daughter Kolbie have been reading the Book of Mormon to Jamie while she's cooking dinner!  It's awesome.  The spirit is working on them and I think they'll come back to church this next month.  We just have to keep inviting them.
We had an awesome experience with our investigator Peter as well.  We stopped by him on Tuesday and he expressed that he missed coming to church and reading and praying.  He hasn't been doing it for the past while and he just called himself out on all the excuses he was making for not doing them.  It was sweet.  He told us that he recognizes the difference when he's doing those things vs. when he's not.  It was a good lesson and he committed to start coming back to church and reading.  He's been taught for the past 2 years and isn't baptized because he's living with his girlfriend who is a member.  We're still working on that ith him, but he's coming a long.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to come to church, because he forgot that he had plans to go out of town to visit family.  He's awesome though.
There's my week for ya!  For Christmas I'll be skyping around 11:00 A.M. my time.  I'm excited to see you all! 
Thanks for all the support!  Love you!
Elder Nelson 

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