Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baptismal Dates!!

Hey yo!

So to start off, I'm going to talk about ward missionaries since you are now one of them dad.  That's flippin sweet by the way.  So what you're doing as a ward by going out everyweek and contacting less active and part member families is more than any ward missionaries have ever done to help us find.  You are actually fulfilling you're purpose that way.  All ward missionaries that I have worked with seem to think that their purpose is to just help us teach, which it is and its awesome when they come with us, but they're supposed to help us with everything else as well.  Finding, teaching, baptizing, retention. . . etc.  So going out everyweek for an hour is amazing!  That way you're helping with everything.  make sure to let the missionares know when you're available to help them teach so they can call on you for teaching appointments when needed.  Let them know if you find anyone that would like to have them over when you go out every week, and just be there to help them.  It sounds like the ward is actually doing stuff and going out and trying to make things happen.  It's been a long time since I've had a ward that did that or was willing to devote time to find and teach on their own.  Actually I don't think I've had a ward that has done something that effective ever.  So keep doing that.  If you feel like you could do more on your own, do it!  That'd be sweet!  Just let the ward mission leader know and the missionaries know.  

Anyways, enough of my ranting  This past week was good.  We didn't find any new people to teach, but we're making real progress with those that we are activly teaching.  We had 2 people come to church yesterday which was amazing!  I haven't had anybody come to church since I was in Burbank!  Claudia and Lloyd Tackwell came.  We set a baptismal date with Claudia for the 22nd of this month and the same with Lloyd.  We found Claudia about 2 weeks ago and she's been reading and we taught her 2 times this week.  She's solid.  We had a super good lesson with her on the Plan Of Salvation this week and she loved church.  We picked up Lloyd Tackwell last week.  He is the husband of a member and was being taught by the senior couple in the ward, but they left.  We introduced the new couple, the Sellens to them yesterday.  We had a really good lesson with him yesterday on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He has a couple of concerns still but they chould be resolved before his date.  We had to push Shemal Nezhadyian's date back to the 6th of April because he didn't come to church this week and he still needs to get married.  He's sweet though.  We taught him twice this week.  We also taught Steve Lucas the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well.  He has been taught for about 2 months and was found knocking.  We're teaching him and his daughter lindsy, but she wasn't able to make it for our lesson.  He committed to April 12th.  he was supposed to come to church, but he didn't for some reason.  He's great though and really understands everything super well.  He's keeping all of his committments, its just hard for him to get to church.  Same thing with everyone else.  We've been teaching a lot which has been awesome.

We went on two exchanges this week too which was good.  The zone is doing a lot better and this next month of March is looking really good.  The zone should be having more baptisms this month and finding is going up.  Its been good.  

So ya all is well in zion!  Love you all!

Elder Nelson  

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