Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 16, 2015


Shamal got married this Tuesday!  woohoo!  it was so awesome!  Bishop married them in the relief society room and we were the only spectators.  It was so cool and the spirit was so strong.  Afterwards, both Stacy and Shemal said that they had felt that a burden had been lifted and that they were super excited that they were finally married.  It was so cool!  The power of repentance is real and they did it!  They're living the Law of Chastity now.  So that was a first for the mission.  We also taught him the word of wisdom this week, and he has no problems with that, since he gave up everything from when the missionaries had taught him before.  They didn't make it to church on Sunday though, which was a little sad.  They were confident that they were going to show, but they told us that they had a family emergency that came up.  We still don't know what happened, but hopefully everything is okay.  We'll be going over there tomorrow after transfer meeting.  Oh ya it was transfer calls this week.  I'm staying here another with my comp.  It should be a good one.  All we're doing is moving from one apartment to another in the complex that was kept open last transfer.  That apartment has an annual lease on it while ours doesn't, so there shutting ours down.  We don't have the keys to the apartment, but we broke in and have already moved most of our stuff in.  The things you learn how to do on a mission. . . . .  We'll get the actual keys tomorrow at transfer meeting. 
We also taught Claudia the Word of Wisdom this week with the Sellens, the new senior couple from Alaska.  They are so awesome and we couldn't have taught that lesson without them.  As soon as we told Claudia what the Word of Wisdom was, she told us, "I can't do it."  She said that probably twenty times for about 45 minutes as we talked about it and the promised blessings of just trying.  She has been addicted to coffee for over 50 years and ever time she's tried going off, she's failed and she gets hardcore migraines.  It was a big deal to her.  She finally perked up when she asked if she could have hot chocolate instead.  It was pretty interesting.  She was just like, "Oh I can do that!"  The spirit totally calmed her down by having her ask that.  She's been off of Coffee now for the past 3 days and absolutely loves having hot chocolate in the mornings instead, and she's having now withdrawls.  It's a miracle!  She also came to church and loved it!  She's progressing well! 
We taught Lloyd Tackwell also and he's doing well.  He told us that he didn't feel comfortable getting baptized so early and that he doesn't feel like he knows enough.  He told us that he would pray for a date himself and tell us later.  it was a good lesson though.
We also had MLC this week and zone training which went well.  We mostly trained on getting investigators to sacrament meeting and having member present lessons.  It was a good training.  The zone seemed to respond well to it.  We picked up some new investigators this week also, but we're probably going to pass them off to Spanish, since most of their families speak Spanish. 
Other than that we taught a lot this week to our other investigators.  Hopefully we'll be able to get them to church this upcoming week.
Thanks for writing and for all your support! Love you!
Elder Nelson

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