Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 25, 2015

Santa Clarita Baby!

Well things are well here in the Saugus.  I still love it and I'm still exhausted, but that's good.  Sounds like you all had a good time at Justin's graduation, touring Boston and Salem, and everything else that happened last week.  Hope everything goes well with moving to Phoenix.  I'm almost finished with Soar for USU.  I'm still deciding some things though.

As for the work this week it was great! A member saw my bag at dinner on Monday and basically forced me to take one of their bags to use since mine is falling apart.  So I figure that I'll just use the bag they gave me and give it back to them just before I go home.  This will probably be my last area anyways.  So that was a blessing.  We had interviews on Tuesday with President Hall for the whole zone which meant we had to train and role play with missionaries all day.  It was pretty sweet.  We trained on using the Book of Mormon to resolve concerns and we had a sweet role play with some of the sisters that they said helped their investigator with the lesson they had with him on Friday.  He's now praying for a baptismal date.  We also met with Fernando that night.  We taught him and his sister on the doorstep.  We read a little bit of the Book of Mormon with them and they thought it was cool!  They want us to keep coming back, but he still hasn't told his parents.  We actually got in contact with his dad yesterday and he said that he would love for us to teach his son.  He isn't interested at all though.  He knows that what we're doing and teaching will help his son so he's happy to have us over.  He's from El Salvador and isn't very religious.  

We taught Josie on Wednseday and she is just eating it up.  She is so happy to have us come into her home and teach her and she really wants to come to church.  Sister Murphy, her friend is going to start reading the Book of Mormon with her this week.  

We taught Sheryl on Wednesday also.  She is a Catholic lady we knocked into who loves the missionaries and has met with them before for two years.  She said it was the most spiritual time of her life.  She has never been to church though and only read parts of the Book of Mormon.  She has a really good understanding of the restoration, and thinks that it could be true, but she has had a lot of spiritual fulfillment with being catholic.  She doesn't want to come to church because of that, but she does want to read the Book of Mormon.  She is awesome.  

We went on exchanges this week with the assistants.  I went up to their area with Elder Coles.  I hadn't served around him since my first area, but it was awesome to see how much he has changed and grown on his mission.  He's great and I learned a lot from him about how I can help the zone out.  Back in our area Elder Smith and Jones started teaching a part member family who are apparently super awesome.  They were from a member referral and they all want to come to church.  They're name is the Lippert family.  I've met them a couple times and they are great.  Sister Lippert isn't a member and she really wants to find out what were all about.  Bro. Lippert is less active and his parents are active in another ward, but he really wants to come back.  

We went on another exchange with Elder Laushbaugh.  I went to his area and we worked super hard.  it was a good exchange and we saw miracles.

As for investigators at church we had none, but next week we will have some.  It'll happen.  We have quite a few people we're working with that have a lot of potential and the ward is willing to help out. It's gonna be a great week this week!

 Happy Birthday Emily!  Love you!

Love the rest of youtoo!

Elder Nelson  

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