Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 25, 2015

Saugus 2nd Ward

Well this will probably be a shorter email since I just talked to you guys yesterday.  That was awesome by the way.  

This past week has been pretty good.  We found 2 new investigators. The first we found was named Josie.  She was actually a member referall.  She loves the church and the missionaries, but just broke her ankle and her friend, Sister Murphy asked us if we could give her a blessing.  We did and she loved it.  She felt the spirit and we were able to teach her.  She was super sad that she couldn't come to church because of her ankle.  She is great and has a lot of time to ponder, pray and study what we teach and she's the kind of person who will actually do that so things should go really well with her.  It'll be great to keep teaching her and hopefully start teaching her husband too.  He's gone a lot so it's hard to get in contact with him.  

Yesterday after dinner we taught this 13 year old kid who was out in his driveway on his skate board.  He was pretty good and he showed me his kickflip and other tricks.  His name is Fernando and he was really interested in the Restoration.  He told us he always wondered why there were so many churches and which one to go to.  He goes to a Christian church right now with his family.  We were able to answer his questions and we taught him the Restoration and he connected really well with Joseph Smith.  He was stoked to hear that there was another prophet on the earth and really wanted to find out more.  We're going back on Tuesday.  I just hope his parents won't shut him down.  That happens a lot when we teach teenagers.  They're so open and are willing to learn and listen, but then their parents just shut us down and tell us not to come back.  It's sad, but we move on.  Anyways, Fernando is great.

We also had MLC on Wednesday and Zone Training on Friday which went great.  All of the training at MLC was on how to use the Book Of Mormon effectivly and its importance.  President went in depth about how important the small plates are and how the spiritual journey that Nephi takes is a paralell of the spiritual journey that our investigators take.  That's one of the reasons Preach My Gospel tells us to commit our investigators to read from the beginning.  It was really cool and I had a reaffirmed witness that the book of Mormon was true.  The zone seemed pretty excited to use the Book of Mormon more in finding and teaching too.  They liked the training and I know we all felt the spirit.  I love the Book of Mormon.  Other than that the zone is doing well for the most part.  I'm doing great and I love being a missionary!  I love you all!

Elder Nelson

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