Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So this week has been probably the most productive week of the mission so far!  It has been amazing!  We found 5 new investigators this week! One already has a baptismal date for January 18th!  It's crazy!  We're usually lucky if we get 1 new investigator!  We found this family on Monday night that we knocked into!  It was so awesome!  We're teaching them later tonight.  Their names are Janice, Cole, and Clay.  We knocked on the door at like 8:40 at night and she just started asking us all these questions about the church and said that she had always admired people who had a faith in Jesus Christ.  We were so excited!  It was so cool!  We taught her and her kids the restoration.  On Tuesday we had zone conferance at the North Hollywood Stake Center.  It was amazing!  I got so much personal revelation and revelation for the area!  It was fun so see all my MTC buddies.  We had car inspections before Zone Conferance as well, and I'm driving the oldest car in the mission.  The 2010 Pontiac Vibe.  It's in super bad shape.  It has so many scratches and dents.  It's the joke of the mission!  I should only be driving it for one more transfer thankfully.  We'll probably get a new 2014 Corolla next transfer which will be sweet!  Anyways, zone conferance lasts for 9 hours.  It was a long meeting, but I got a ton out of it.  Wednesday was awesome as well!  We knocked on this old lady's house who talked to us forever!  Her name is Elaine and she is super lonely.  She is living alone.  Her husband has Alzheimers and is in Washington with her daughter.  She goes to this methodist church, but she was super open to learning from us.  We taught her about the book of mormon and prayer and what not.  It was good.  Thursday, we got a headquarters refferal saying a guy named Chad was interested in the Book of Mormon and wanted help to quit smoking.  We knocked on his door and he let us in.  He's recently been going througha very rough time in his life and has started to acknowledge God.  He has been Atheist for the last ten years.  We taught him the Restoration and left him with a Book of Mormon.  We've taught him 3 times since then and we already have a baptismal date set with him for January 18th!  He is so cool!  He has a true desire to change his life.  He used to have problems with drugs and is now trying to quit smoking!  Also, he looks like he's 28, but he's 19.  He came to sacrament meeting on Sunday and a little bit of Gospel Principles.    Chad had got a ride from his parents to the church, but he didn't have a ride back.  Since we aren't allowed to give investigators rides, we walked with him home.  We explained the millenium a little bit just so he wasn't freaked out.  He is very accepting of everything though so it wasn't a problem.  Thursday, Selvin and the Palomino's cancelled on us.  Lucy, Selvin's grandma, is sick.  The Palomino's were running errands or something.  On Friday, we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Elder Stucki, who served in the Northridge first ward last transfer came into my area.  Lindsy and Ryan, you know him!   We knocked doors the whole time.  It was pretty uneventful.  Saturday morning, we taught Elaine again and the lesson went really well.  We retaught the restoration and we emaphasized the importance of Christs church and prophets.  She told us it made since and asked us why no other churches besides ours had prophets.  The spirit was definatly there.  We got a soft baptismal commitment from her and are going to try and set a date with her tomorrow.  Saturday and Sunday night, we went to the big Stake Christmas concert.  It's a big thing out here in Valencia.  there are som many nonmembers that come to it.  They take out the first four pews in the chapel and bring in a full orchestra to accompany the choir.  The director, Richard Rich, wrote the music for The Fox and The Hound and a couple other disney movies.  It's high quality, professional stuff.  Kirby Heybourne, the guy from the RM and church movies and stuff was the narrator of the Christmas story.  He lives in the Valencia ward.  Pretty cool.  The concert was so amazing!  The Palomino's came and we tried to meet up with them, but we couldn't find them!  Sunday night's concert, was a full house and people were standing in the back of the gym.  It was crazy.  Anyways, this week was a good week.  Super busy, but busy is good.  Happy Birthday Jessica! Happy birthday Grandma Church!  I love you all!
Elder Nelson     

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