Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Burbank 3rd Ward

That's right, I'm now in the Burbank 3rd ward in the North Hollywood zone!  I love it and am so excited to be here and to be able to help out the missionaries here in the zone too.  It's been a tiring stressful good fun week this past week.  My new companion is Elder Ford.  He's from Okeechobee Florida and has been out about 3 transfers longer than I have.  He's great.  He loves to work hard and is hilarious.  We teach and work really well together.  The work here in Burbank 3rd is absolutely dead right now.  We have no investigators.  We are teaching a recent convert named Michael though.  He's really cool.  The reason Our area is so dead is that for the past transfer, Elder Ford was in a trio with another set of missionaries from our ward because his old companion got emergency transferred.  He covered two areas, but didn't spend a whole lot of time in our current area.  The area I'm is super small and is known to be one of the lowest finding areas in the mission.  Its a tough area because its all houses.  Everyone is rich and there area a lot of Armenians.  Its super nice though.  I love it.  It feels a lot like when I was in Valencia.  Our whole area is up on a hillside that overlooks the whole valley which is super sweet.  Unfortuanatly we haven't been able to work in our own area as much as we would like this past week since we've been helping out missionaries around the zone with transfers and baptisms and what not.  I've never driven so much my entire mission.  I don't like it.  I hate car, I really do.  It's fun though being able to serve and help out other missionaries though.  On Friday we went on exchanges with the assistants which was awesome.  I went with Elder Bertoch up to the Wiley Canyon ward in Santa Clarita.  He used to be the zone leader in North Hollywood.  He's great and I learned a lot from him.  He's from Roosevelt Utah.  It felt good to go up to Santa clarita again.  I forgot how nice it is up there.  It feels like Utah wlaking around on the streets up there.  Elder Bertoch was my trainers companion for 2 transfers in Horth Hollywood as well.  He's great and I'm so glad I was able to go on exchanges.  Saturday we went on splits with the Armenian speaking Elders serving in the Glendale 1st ward.  They are technically part of the Arcadia mission, but their area is all of LA county. When we go on splits with them we only stay in our area, but like I said, there are a lot of Armenians in our area.  The Elders names are Elder Tovoyun and Elder Debry.  Elder Debry is the grandson of Robert J. Debry, like the guy you see on T.V. saying "one call, that's all!"  Ya he's practically famous.  elder Debry is great though.  Whenever he talks to the Armenians they get so excited!  They freak out and are so surprised because he speaks so well.  It's pretty funny.  They're super nice when you have an Armenian speaker with you.  No one that we talked to was really interested though.  all the Armenians go to this super big Armenian church here in Burbank.  They're pretty rude and mean when you knock on their door, except when you speak Armenian.  I need to learn Armenian now haha.  We usually go on splits with them every 2 weeks. 
The ward here is awesome.  I love them all.  Our ward mission leader is named Sal Pallila and owns a sandwhich shop called Santoros here in Burbank.  He lets us eat for free there.  He's great.  He works hard at his calling too which is really helpful.  We have a lot people that work in the movie industry here too.  On Thursday I got to have dinner with the Johnson family.  They are so cool!  Bart Johnson, the father, is an actor and played the Dad on High School Musical and he's doing a T.V. show now I think.  His wife is Blake Lively's sister.  She is an actor too, and is a convert of about 10 years.  Blake Lively even came to church on Easter with her.  We also have Bro. Heater in our ward.  He's our gospel principles teacher.  He's the twin brother of John heater, the guy who plays Napoleon Dynamite.  John is in the Studio City ward.  There are actually a lot of people that come to our ward which is a big change from the last two wards I served in.  it feels like Utah!  The only problem with the ward is that they are super prideful about being the "best ward" because they had the most baptisms out of the whole mission on the English side last year.  They had like 16 or 17 baptisms I think.  They set a goal this year for 40 baptisms.  The ward has had 4 so far, and its almost the end of the year.  Hopefully I can help them out a bit.  I have a really good feeling about this area, I just need to help the members help us to find new investigators, because we can't with just knocking.  Every door in this area has been knocked probably about 10 times this year.  We can't get to the people, but the members can.  I'm excited for this area though.  This is going to be a good transfer. 
I forgot to tell you that on Wednesday the whole mission got together for a private screening of meet the Mormons up in the Valencia Stake Center.  It was really good!  We're supposed to encourage members, less actives and investigators to go see it.  We can't use it as a proselyting tool though.  it's going to be playing in different theaters around the valley.  You all should go see it!  It's really good and you should bring all you friends! 
There's ma week!   
Well I love you all! 
Elder Nelson
1800 Grismer #104, Burbank, CA 91504

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