Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Aloha!  Yo es muey bien!  That's why I'm called to speak English. 
So ya this week was another crazy week.  I'm more tired than I've ever been on my mission which is probably a good thing, because it means I'm working hard I think.  I know we're supposed to account to the Lord in our prayers at night, and I think if you fall asleep during your accounting, its pretty good evidence to the Lord that you've worked pretty hard right?  Ya that's probably not how it works, but I needless to say that has happened many times on my mission, but I'm working on it. 
Well so again I didn't really get to work in my own area almost all week.  It was for a good cause though.  Helping out missionaries and such is always a good cause.  Tuesday we had interviews with president hall which meant us and the Sister Training leaders had to spend literally all day at our church building in Burbank training missionaries while their companion was in interviews.  It was good.  We role played with each missionary and went through their area books to make sure they were up to date since we should be getting I-pads in the near future.  We have to transfer everything from the area book onto the Ipads which takes forever, so President wanted us to make sure they were organized and ready to go.  I didn't tell you before, but we were supposed to get ipads 2 weeks ago.  We even got all the ipads shipped to the mission office and had people from salt lake scheduled to come and give us trainings that week, but the mission department told us to hold off for a couple of weeks because some missionaries somewhere did some stupid stuff with their ipads.  We don't know what they did, but it must have been pretty dumb to have the mission department suspend the rolling out of ipads in our mission.  Anyways, it was a long day of interviews.  I was told that interviews never get done on time.  The last 2 times they've had interviews here, we didn't finish until midnight.  Tuesday ran right on schedule the whole time though and we finished by 7:30.  After that we had to take peoples area books to them since they left them at the church.  We then had dinner, and after said a prayer to start planning.  Right when we fnished praying, we got a text from some missionaries telling us that they had been in a bike accident and that they needed help.  We drove there and there was an ambulance, cops and a fire truck.  It was like a repeat of last week except it was night.  The companionship took the ambulance to the hospital and we took there bikes and drove behind them.  Turns out one of them broke their arm.  We were at the hospital until midnight and then at a 24 hour pharmacy getting them medication for another hour.  We didn't get home till 2:00.  It was a fun night.  The next morning we went to district meeting and went on exchanges with the North Hollywood Elders.  It was a good exchange.  I went with Elder Bodily to North Hollywood.  He's been out for about 4 weeks and we saw some miracles.  We got to testify to an atheist who had a complete change of heart.  We found a new investigator and taught one of their investigators who wants to be baptized.  
We went on another exchange Friday.  I went to Sylmar with Elder Holdaway.  He's a district leader there and their area used to be car, but they totaled their car a couple weeks ago so we biked everywhere.  It was a fun exchange.  Their area covers part of Pacoima which is the ghettoist ghetto of the valley!  It was amazing!  I felt like I was at home.  There were so many people to talk to and so many Spanish people as well.  I got to use my Spanish again and we got to send out a lot of referalls and teach a lot of people.  One of them was a new investigator.  People there are crazy.  One guy tried to bash with us.  It was stupid though.  he had no idea what he was talking about.  Bashers in the valley are just dumb.  Santa clarita they actually know what they're talking about, they are nevertheless spiritually blind though.  Its sad.  In Pacoima we tried to contact a referall and we went throught there front gate to get to their house.  As we went through, a giant pitbull happily trotted up to us and started licking my hand.  I freaked out because I thought it was going to attack, but it was nice.  I tried to hurry out of the gate, but when I opened it up, the dog bolted out of it and started running down the street.  It ran away and got all the dogs squealing and barking all along the street.  We couldn't see it it ran so far.  My thoughts were, "oh crap, I just let out a ravenous pitbull onto the streets of Pacoima."  it wasn't really ravenous, but I did think that it might attack some smaller dogs.  Long story short, it ran up and down the street and we were chasing it trying to get it back into the gate.  Eventually it came back thankfully.  The referall wasn't even home, but it was a fun experience nonetheless.  That day we worked on talking with everyone.  The elders there aren't doing it, but if they did they would find a lot more.  We talked to about 50 people that day.  They usually talk to 7 a day on average, but they're working on improving.  it was a good exchange.
Saturday, we had a bbq at our ward missionleaders house for most of the ward and less actives and investigators.  It was a real success.  We had investigators and less actives come and they loved it.  We had a real good time.  Our ward mission leader is great, and does a lot fr us.  Plus he gives us free subs from his sandwhich shop.  Next time you're in Burbank, go to Santoro's!  it's so good! 
Sunday our investigator Peter came to church which was good. That night we went to a meeting with the stake presidency and the high counselor over missionary work in the stake and the mission president.  it was an interesting meeting and I learned a lot about how the stake and the mission president correlate on the work.  We talked about different wards and went over the key indicators for the last month and came up with ideas to resolve problems.  It was really interesting.  The rest of the night we knocked. And knocked and knocked
Then we knocked some more.  That's what we do in this area, is knock.  And go by potentails and less actives of course. 
It was a great week!  I love you all!  The package was awesome!  Thank you so much!
Elder Nelson

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