Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Whole Week of Crazy

Wow this week has been stressful.  I'm the most tired I've ever been on the mission, but Iove it! Everything is well and the work is moving forward.  Working two areas is hard, along with everything else that has been going on in the zone.  It's been a good learning week though and I've grown in a lot ways.  All three of us have. 
First off, I'd like to invite all of you who read this to keep "sharing the gift"  with everyone!  Post it on face book.  Give the pass along cards away.  Share it with a friend, and invite them to learn more!  When you invite you succeed, and the only way you can fail is if you don't try!  I can promise that as you share the video and/or the card with others, the Lord will cause you to feel more gratitude for the love he has shown to us by giving us his Son Jesus Christ to be our Savior.  The true spirit of Christmas will enter your heart and you will feel a greater desire to be like our Savior. 
Alright.  Now that that's said, here's what happened this week. Tuesday it rained hardcore all day.  It was awesome.  I loved it.  It was our Preperation day as you know.  It was good.  We didn't do anything to exciting, but it rained!  It rained all day on Wednesday too!  Jordan and Jessica already know this.  Sorry you had to come to Disney land on the two days it rains out of the year.  I'm sure it was still fun!  Rain just makes everything so fun!  Anyways, Wednesdy we had our zone conference.  It was awesome.  We have a zone conferace every other transfer and usually we combine zones when we do it.  President trained on becoming more converted through studying the Book of Mormon, giving up rebellion and by doing it.  Doing it meaning keeping covenants and being doers of the word, not hearers only.  He related it to the conversion process we are goin through and to our investigators.  We talked a lot about He is The gift and Christmas.  It was awesome and I received a lot of revelation on how I can turn outward to be more like Christ instead of turning inward.  I loved it!  The rest of the week we were bouncing back and forth between areas all day.  It's super hard to get a lot of work done in one area since it takes about 20 minutes to get from one area to another.  Because of that, the work has been suffering.  Well its not neccesarily because of that, but both areas are starting to die.  We can't get a hold of investigators.  Most if not all of our appointments are falling through and no one is coming to church.  It's stressful.  We're doing all we can and having a lot of fun doing the work, but its been quite the transfer.  Hopefully we can find someone solid this next week in either area.  We still see a lot of miracles and are definatly blessing people's lives though.  We were knocking and this lady from Syria answered and we read the verse in Mosiah 3 to her that talks of Christ and his role and how he will be born of Mary.  She loved it and just opened up to us and told her that we were an answer to her prayers.  It was awesome.  We have great experiences like that all the time.  The people we are able to help however, are not always interested in learning more.  It's interesting how people seem to disregard the spirit.  They feel it and accept that its from God, but then don't do anything about.  They keep goin on with their normal lives the same way they did before.  I guess that's what separates the wheat from the tares.  Those who actually act on what they feel from the spirit.  So ya.  It may sound like I'm a little frustrated with people, because I am.  I'm not angry or sad or anything, I'm super happy and I'm learning of the love that the Savior and Heavenly Father have for each one of us.  I'm learning how they feel when we don't act on what they give us.  All they want to do is bless our life, and that's all I want to do with the people I talk to, but if they're not willing to listen or act on what they feel, there's nothing I can do.  The Lord is teaching me a lot.  Its amazing!  Well, aside from my rant Saturday and Sunday we helped out with the Nativity Festival at the Burbank church building.  You should look it up on youtube or face book or something, because about 2000 people came in total.  Every year our ward puts on a nativity festival where people from around Burbank bring in there nativies and put them on display.  There's performances by other church choirs and artists in the chapel and then upstairs we have a live nativity.  Its an amazing event and so many non members come.  The thing is that the ward doesn't allow us to approach people at the event, because its a "community event." They don't want anyone getting offended or scared.  The job they had for us was holding open the doors for people going to and from the live nativity.  Yep, I played the job of a doorstop for 6 hours this weekend.  Was it demoting? maybe.  Did I like job? NOt particularly. Did I serve the ward?  Yes!  That's what matters!  I did what the ward wanted me to do and I'm supposed to serve the ward!  It was good though.  I did enjoy it.  I really did. 
There ya have it!  My week in a nutshell!  It's been fun and this week is going to be fun too! I love you all and hope you have a good week!
Elder Nelson  

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