Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transfer Week

Well I'm staying for another 6 weeks in Burbank with Elder Smith!  Yay!  I'm really happy about that!  I love it here in Burbank!  It's a fun place even though its a tougher area.  Elder Smith is just a super fun happy guy and he loves missionary work.  I've learned a lot from him this past transfer and I'm glad he's my companion.  We're not the perfect companionship and he's been patient with me this past transfer. 
Elder Miller is leaving our companionship tomorrow.  That means we don't have to cover two areas anymore!  Yay!  It's a sad thing that he's leaving though.  He will be missed!  It's been quite the experience being in a trio for a couple weeks.  Usually trios don't work out, but this one was a good one.  I'm glad we were able to be with him and help him out in his area and with his ward.  His area is getting two new elders and the sisters that were already there will stay.
On a larger scale our zone is getting hacked!  Nearly all the companionships will be having one missionary being transferred.  There combining one of the elders areas in our ward with our area and the sisters area, which means we'll have a bigger area to work in!  That'll be nice!  All of our district leaders are being transferred, so we'll have three new district leaders we have to work with.  One of our STL's is being released and transferred. Their opening up a new area in a ward.  It's a big transfer, but this zone needed it.  I'm excited for this next six weeks.  
On another note, my old companion Elder Smith (white smith) is the new AP!  He'll do great.  I'm excited for him.  His companion who was my trainer is going home this week which is super weird and sad.  We all got to talk to each other this past Wednesday at the mission temple trip which was awesome! 
Anyways, this past week we were super busy.  Monday we had to take that companionship that was struggling to be interviewed by President.  Tuesday we were supposed to go on exchanges with the AP's and go to different district meetings throughout the zone.  We exchanged in the morning and we picked up some elders to take them to district meeting with us.  On the way, one of the got a phone call from the medical coordinator asking if he had told the zone leaders about his doctors appointment that morning.  He hadn't told us anything, so I had to miss district meeting and take this Elder up to his appointment.  The AP stayed at the district meeting with his companion.  I was glad I could help, even though I had to miss district meeting.  The Elder really needed to go to the doctors.  We had to go back to the doctors after district meeting to take another missionary there.  We spent a lot of time up there on Tuesday.  I tried to study, but just fell asleep on the couches they had.  We went by Alfonsis that night and he went off on all his crazy Jewish mysticism stuff.  WE determined that he's not all there and not accountable right now, so we had to drop him.  I've had a couple of investigators that I've had to do that with. 
Wednesday we went on the mission temple trip which was amazing!  Its always so good to see all the missionaries in the mission, especially at the temple.  We had a chapel session in the morning where President Hall spoke and the new 2nd counselor in the temple presidency spoke.  It was amazing and I received a lot of revelation during the session about what the Lord wants me to focus on for the next couple of weeks. 
We also were able to teach Michael and Angela this week.  They are amazing and we taught them about Eternal Marriage.  The lesson was awesome and they committied to go to the temple and be sealed next year!  They are really excited and determined to go next year.  I'm glad I've been able to work with them these past couple of weeks. 
I went on an exchange with Elder Sautia this past Friday which was good.    We did a lot of finding Friday and Saturday. We had a latino couple invite us into their home.  They told us they loved Mormons and that they had taken the lessons before and that they're niece in Canada is LDS.  They we're awesome people and I really felt the spirit in their home.  They told us that they were Catholic and that they don't want to be taught, but we were able to share a spiritual message with them and I know that they felt the spirit.  It was awesome, even though we weren't able to find any new investigators. 
I've really gained a strong testimony these past couple of weeks of how every day God has a purpose for us.  Every day is a sacred day and the little things we do have a big influence on the people around us.  Those small and seemingly insignificant acts of kindness and service to others are really just small victories that have eternal effects on others.  I'm so glad the Lord has purpose for each of us everyday.  Even if we don't see the effects of what we do sometimes, the Lord does and he has a purpose.  I love it here and even though the work isn't as prime as I would like it to be right now, I'm glad I'm learning to see things differently! 
I love you all!
Elder Nelson    

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