Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 13, 2015

Norma Jean

Well to start out we talked to this homeless lady this week.  She told us that she was going blind in one eye because Norma Gene gave her pinesol in her drink instead of a coke. . . So she ended up drinking straight pinesol. She then told us that Norma Gene is now going to try and jump us because we talked to her. . . . Moral of the story?  Everyone in Van Nuys is crazy!  And now I'm turning crazy because of it. 

On another note, we had a whole ton of exchanges this past week.  We started out by going with the Northridge Elders.  I went to Elder Bulger's area.  It was a good exchange and we saw a whole ton of miracles.  Things are looking up for these next few months.  Attitudes are changing and people seem to be more positive ever since general conference. 

I went on exchanges with the assistants up in Valencia.  I went up with Elder Shrum.  It was a good exchange and we had a really good discussion about how to help the zone out.   I hope that by the time I leave it, things will be better than when I came in. 

We also went on exchanges with the Sherman Oaks Elders.  Elder Choi from Korea came with me to Van Nuys.  That was fun.  He's still working on his English, but its improved a ton ever since I've known him.  he still struggles to follow along in lessons, but he relies on the spirit hardcore so when he teaches it is really good.  We found two new investigators on that exchange.  One of them was a referral from the Spanish elders named John.  We taught him on Friday and went back on Sunday and found out that he's in jail now. . . What the heck is up with my investigators going to jail?  I guess that's what you get when you're a missionary in Van Nuys.   The other investigator we found is from Nigeria.  We taught him on the street and he wanted us to come back on sunday.  We went back and he told us that he's still earning English and that his native language is Igbo/Nigerian.  There is quite the language barrier, but he really wants to learn and come to church. 

Our investigators mostly stayed the same in their progress this week.  Claudia came to church, but dodged all our appointments.  Stacy's husband is still missing.  Elder Choi and I had a really good lesson with Lyndsay.  Grant Davis came to church.  Lloyd canceled his lesson.  We did find a new Jewish investigator named John this week.  he's been taught all the lessons before in Encino and right now he's working to stop drinking.  I still haven't met him because we picked him up on exchanges.  John actually called us.  He's been taught for along time and is excited to keep meeting with us. He's an active Jew. 

Other than that, notmuch this week.  the zone had a baptism this week!  Yay!  We're trying to find new more solid investigators to build our teaching pool back up. 

Well I love you! 

Elder Nelson

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