Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Van Nuys

Well it sounds like you're going to get your hands full with this whole remodel thing your doing with the house!  I'll be excited to see it!  Thanks for getting in contact with Elder Cumming's parents!  I'm stoked!  As far as school goes, I don't know if I'll want to take Calc 2 or not.  Basically, I remember absolutely nothing as far as math goes, and I won't have any time to refresh myself on anything with 3 days between when I get home and school, but I don't want to take Calc 1 again. ... all well I got time to think about all that stuff later.  I'm on a mission!  No time to think about school!
Thanks for praying for my investigators and for me as a whole.  I know you guys pray for me and I know it helps.  We weren't able to teach our investigators as much as we would have liked to this week.  We were stacked with appointments this weekend and most of them fell through.  Such is missionary work right?  But no matter, we had a good week nonetheless.  
We taught The Negrete family along with their part member investigator roommate, Maria.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and the lesson went well and we got a lot of info on Maria and her relationship with God.  Basically she feels like she has never really had one, but she does want one.  We have some good insights on what to work with her on for our next lesson.  We taught the Negrete's 2 more times this week without Maria since she was working.  We taught a super spiritual lesson on the Priesthood aimed specifically at the 13 year old Negrete son Robert.  he is awesome, but he doesn't have the priesthood.  He's willing to take the steps necessary to get it, but Sister Negrete has a lot of health probles that prevent her from going to church and thus the kids can't make it either.  Every week they all commit to come and then every Saturday night or Sunday morning something goes wrong and they don't come.  They all have solid testimonies and really want to be there, but they are overcoming a lot of things and trials in their life right now and Satan is working on them.  I love them though and I hope to see them at church one of these weeks before I'm transferred.  We also taught Claudia Chasmine again.  She's still hung up on tithing, and she's also extremely. ... . Van Nuys.  That's the only way I can describe is just that she lives in Van nuys.  That tells you something.  She came to church this Sunday though and she still likes it a lot.  I don't know what to do about the tithing issue though, because if you even bring it up, she explodes at you and won't take any advice, testimony, scriptures, direct promises from God, etc.  Straight up she doesn't have the faith to pay it, but we'll keep helping her build the faith required to commit to pay it.  That's the only thing that is holding her up from baptism.  We also had a super spiritual lesson on priesthood yet again with our less active Grant.  It was awesome.  Again we focused on the blessings and the things we've learned from the priesthood.  it was great.  He told us he was going to come to church as well, but didn't show.  He's going to be on America's got Talent, so he might've been busy with that or something.  Hopefully next week.  Same things with Shemal, he cancelled his lesson this week because he had an interview with the executive chef at a company he's hoping to get a job for.  He got the job, but doesn't start until May.  he didn't show up at church either, so that means we had to push his date back for April 19th. We've literally taught him everything and he has such a strong testimony and desire, but he just hasn't been coming to church.  He'll get there eventually though.  We also taught Lloyd with his wife this week.  We taught himi on the Priesthood and the blessings it could bring to his family and we committed him to pray for a baptismal date and to have one ready by next Sunday.  It was a dynamite lesson!  The spirit was there hardcore!
The zone right now is kind of in bad shape.  Missionaries seem to be happy, but they aren't seeing much success.  We're struggling a lot with finding and getting people to church and its pretty dang stressful.  We went on two exchanges with our district leaders this week.  They went really well and trained them both on effective district meetings and having a vision for their districts.  This zone used to be the highest finding English zone in the mission and now its one of the lowest.  I'm just trying to figure out what happened and how to spark that finding fire again.  If we find more people to teach, more things will happen.  More people will progress, more will come to church, etc.  the thing is that the mission has focused on finding in its trainings for a long time, and that hasn't been doing much.  Hopefully we'll be able to get some more things going.  My companionship with Elder Kosmicki is doing relly well.  It's been a little more difficult at times, but both of us have worked through it and we are really good friends.  I'd say right now our unity is pretty good.   I'm loving the mission though.  
Fun fact,  There are over 45 bars and nightclubs within a 4 mile radius of our apartment. 
Love you all!
Elder Nelson

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