Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 27, 2015

Saugus 2nd

Guess what!?  I'm back in Santa Clarita baby!  It's so nice up here!  I love it!  My new companion is Elder Jones who used to be one of the district leaders in the North Hollywood zone when I was there.  He is such a solid missionary and we get along so well.  He's from Idaho Falls and has been out for 10 months.  Both of us are zone leaders in the Santa Clarita zone.  There are 21 missionaries here and most of them are sisters.  The sister training leaders have their work cut out for them in this zone.  It is such a good zone though.  The missionaries here are great.  Another great thing about this place is that I live in house!  Not only that, but we are the only companionship that lives in the house!  Yep, we're pretty spoiled up here, but I'm not complaining.  The house has been rented by the mission for a couple years and usually there is at least one other companionship in there, but they are probably going to get rid of it next transfer, so I'm going to live it up while I can!  It's pretty weird living in a house though.  It's just an empty  house with a table kitchen, living room, and a couple pictures and an upstairs.  Oh and we have a washer and dryer!  I haven't had one of those since I was in my first area.  The ward here is amazing!  It's ward council is so good and our ward mission leader, Bro. Hanamaikai is super good.  He reminds me of Bro. Pallila from Burbank.  The stake is on top of missionary work too with working with their ward mission leaders to help the missionaries.  We have a weekly meeting with the high councilman over missionary work, Bro. Jensen.  He is such a good guy.  He is so pumped about the missionary work being done in the stake and really wants us to be successful.  In those meetings we coordinate with him on how the wards in the stake are doing with the investigators and missionaries, as well as the ward mission leaders and identify things that we could train the missionaries on as well as what Bro. Jensen could train the ward mission leaders on every month.  It's legit.  that's what we did Tuesday night.  

As for the rest of the week, we worked hard!  We taught a lot and had so many miracles occur in our area it was ridiculous!  We talked with more people than elder Jones ever had in his time in the area, and we found five new investigators, which is amazingly good for this area.  We need it too, since a lot of the investigators we have right now are falling off the radar.  Wednesday we found Jamie from knocking.  She just opened up the door stepped out on her porch and sat down on her bench and told us to sit with her as we shared our message.  It was so cool.  She used to be atheist, but has been converted christian for two years.  She goes to "real life church." If you don't remember me talking about that from my first area, I'll remind you, everyone goes there.  She was really cool though and super interested in the Book of Mormon.  Another miracle happened with us finding and teaching her husband.  We went by her house on Saturday and knocked on the door and no one was there.  After we waited for a bit Jamie's husband pulls up in the driveway and asks what he can do for us.  We told him about our visit with Jamie.  He then told us that he's actually locked out of his house, but that he's protestant so he wouldn't be interested, but we talked more with him since he was locked out.  he gained a liking for us and let us share our message we shared with Jamie.  Turns out he told us that his biological grandma who he had met only once had given him a Book of Mormon, and he had read some of it during boot camp while he was in the military.  He said that it was something for him to read to help him get through how hard it was there.  Oh man that was cool when he told us that!  Its so awesome that we were able to teach him and run into him right when he was getting home.  Miracles!  He said he would start reading again.  We're following up tomorrow.  We also taught some returning less actives this week.  Sister Patrick.  We taught her tithing and fasting.  We also read the Book of Mormon with Bro. Blackburn.  He came to church.  We also taught the Pryor family.  They're a newly married couple and want to go to the temple soon. They came to church.  We also taught Nick and Briant.  Nick is a recent convert as of last year.  Elder Jacob smith taught him.  He is awesome, but he hasn't been coming to church, because of work, but he's trying super hard to get it off.  Briant is crazy.  Literally crazy.  He's African American and gives all the missionaries nicknames.  I don't have one yet, but he hates church.  He's a member as of two years ago, and he comes on occasion, but he hates being there.  He's in his thirties, but has the mind of a ten year old.  He's done a lot of drugs throughout his life, and that has had a negative affect on his brain.  He is hilarious though.  After our lesson we walked out the back door to our car and I see something inside. We open the door, and somehow, Brian had gotten inside our car!  He yelled at us "let's go home!"  It was so funny!  eventually we got him to go back inside.  He actually came to church this week which was pretty funny too.  He  just stares at the clock the whole time.  We also are putting together a service project with the young men in the ward for our investigator tomorrow.  It's gonna be great!  We picked up this investigator and her daughter yesterday and we're bringing some of the relief society to teach her tomorrow as well.  She is excited for it and we are too.  We also taught a less active member's boyfriend named Richard.  He's from Columbia and both of them have been studying this book called the Urantia book.  Apparently it was written by Celestial beings.  Melchesidek is one of them.  They expound on Christ's life and spirituality.  It's pretty weird.  They both committed to start reading the Book of Mormon though and pray about it and come to church.  We didn't have any of our investigators come to church this past week.  it was a good week though nonetheless.  The zone is rolling too!  

I love it here and i love being a missionary!  Miracles everyday!  I love you all!

Elder Nelson

20514 Caitlin ln.
Santa Clarita, CA 91350  

"The Legendary Caitlin House"   

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